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SBGL (S... B... Golf League)


The Golf League is primarily a social League.

Despite that primary purpose, there will also be weekly competitions, season–long competitions and week–end tournaments.

Weekly Play

The League plays 9 holes per week, in the late afternoon, one day of the week; this is currently Thursday.

Although, weather permitting, we play every week, on average our memebers play about half the time.
There is no requirement to be there in any particular week.
However, since our season-long Stableford competition uses a player's best 14 weeks, playing more often will generally improve your ranking.


This Golf League started well over 30 years ago.

It was originally formed in 1979 to enable employees of Siemens, in Boca Raton, to get together to play golf.
Since those times, Siemens no longer operates in Boca Raton; however, employees and former employees of the descendent companies still make up a significant proportion of the membership.


Recent membership still retains strong links to Siemens.
However, along with those who worked for Siemens, friends and friends of friends are also involved.
Expansion is generally by word of mouth, but we encourage others in the area to consider playing with us. Most who do stay with us; we are, after all, first and foremost a social League.
Anyone interested in joining, who has no other contacts in the League, should contact the .

League Dues - What They're Used For

This season's league dues are primarily used to subsidise our End-of-Season Tournament. That usually takes place one Saturday or Sunday in October.
A small proportion of the money is used to provide in-season raffle prizes and for the cost of maintaining this website.

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What is a League Handicap?

The first thing to understand about a Golf Handicap, whether it be your league handicap or a USGA handicap, is that it indicates your potential.
It does not show that you should expect to shoot that many over (or under) par each week, but that you are able to do so.
Your Playing Handicap each week is calculated from your Handicap Index and is dependent on the course and slope ratings of the tees on the course.

The Handicap System

The League currently uses a slightly modified 9-hole version of the USGA handicap system, limited to scores made in League Play.
The USGA has their Handicap Manual online here.


The handicap system uses what it calls differentials, rather than raw scores.
These are scores which are modified in a couple of ways from the originals.
Firstly, any unusually high hole scores are reduced to what is considered a reasonable maximum for a player of the current handicap level. This is known as Equitable Stroke Control, or ESC.
Next, the scores are adjusted for the tees used, by taking the slope and course ratings into consideration.
Firstly the initially reduced (after ESC) score is reduced by the course rating.
The remaining number is then multipled by 113 (the standard slope) and divided by the slope rating.
The resulting number is rounded to one decimal place and is the Differential.

Handicap Index

The Handicap Index can first be calculated when a player has played 5 rounds and uses only the best of the 5 Differentials at that time.
As more scores become available, more are used, until there are 20 scores available, at which time the best 10 Differentials are used.
After this point, each time a new score is added, the oldest of the 20 is dropped and the new one added, the best 10 Differentials continue to be used.
The Handicap Index is 96% of the average of the best n scores, rounded down to one decimal place.

Playing Handicap

Your Playing Handicap in any week depends on your Handicap Index, the nine played and the tees used.
First the Handicap Index is multipled by the slope rating and divided by 113 (the standard slope).
The course rating is added to the result, then par for the nine is subtracted from it.
The resulting value is rounded to the nearest whole number, giving your Playing Handicap.

Course and Slope Ratings

The Course Rating indicates the length of the course from a set of tees; so the back tees should always have a higher value than the forward tees.
The Slope Rating indicates the difficulty of the course from a set of tees; typically, the back tees are more difficult as well as longer than the forward ones.
There are separate Course and Slope Ratings for man and ladies, which is why only certain tees are available to each.

In the Spreadsheet

I include, each week, the Handicap Index and Playing Handicap of all those who play.
I also include all players' New Handicap Index, i.e. your base for the following week.
Additionally, there is Next Week's Handicap, which is a bit misleading... It is ONLY the correct value if the rotation is maintained AND the player uses the same tees next week.

On the Website

If you login to this League website, on the main page, below the News box, there should be a box with your name on it.
This box will show you your current Handicap Index and how many strokes you get on each allowed set of tees on each nine.


Tournament handicaps are generally calculated using twice your League Handicap Index, but using the tournament course's course and slope ratings.

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For the first few weeks of the season, until at least mid-April, we will need to book tee-times for our League Golf.
Tee-time reservations will be made by emailing the League Secretary, who will accommodate them as best can be done. Requests are dealt with in the order received. If a request is unclear or invalid, it will be returned for clarification, which means it goes to the back of the queue!
The cost for one League Round, which is 9 holes, with play of extra holes allowed if you have time, is $18.
While we have tee-times, that price is for the block of consecutive tee-times ending around 5:30pm.

A valid tee-time request contains the names of up to 4 paid-up League Members. It can be seen which players fall into that category and which don't, in the Sign-Up List.
League Members who have not completed their forms can get a tee-time, but must complete the forms and hand them in before they play.
Any player not in that category, who is part of a tee-time request, must have special dispensation, likely due to having promised to buy the League Secretary large quantities of beer!
Guest play, as always, must be pre-approved by one or other League Officer; since the League Secretary is giving out the tee-times, I would suggest getting approval from said League Secretary!

Further, a valid tee-time request will ask for either a specific 9-hole tee-time from the list of those available
or a specific 18-hole tee-time, after 2:30pm.
I can add later tee-times to the initial block, should anyone so desire.
I can only add earlier tee-times, once the initial block is taken.
If you would like to have an earlier time than the earliest shown, please book an available time and indicate that you would really prefer to play earlier,
It will be assumed that you are requesting a tee-time for the week for tee-time booking is open, which will be between 13 and 7 days ahead.
It must also specify your preference, in the case that the requested tee-time is not available, earlier or later.
If there are any hard and fast conditions, such as "cannot play before such and such a time", that should be included as well.

No Tee-Times for this League found in database!

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End-of-Season Tournament

End-of-Season Tournament

The tournament is going to be played at , in Atlantis, near Lake Worth.
We will have tee–times starting at 9:45am there on Saturday, September 28th.

League Member Cost & Deadline

Cost is $55, to League Members.
The (final) payment deadline is payment received by the League at League Golf, on Thursday, September 19th.
Payment Options may be found


Guests will be allowed, space permitting; please ask the League Officers.
Cost will be $70 for Guests.
Deadline is the same as for League members, above.

The price includes golf and cart, pin prizes, skins, range–balls and food afterwards.
Cost will likely be higher for Guests.
Deadline is the same as for League members, above.


Format, as usual, is a 4–player scramble, with teams arranged by the League Officers.

We will have closest-to-the-pin on some (maybe all) par 3 holes.
There may also be a driving competition of some kind, either longest or straightest, two if we can manage it.
As usual, we will also run a team skins competition; which is included in the price.

If possible, there will also be a putting competition before the tournament.

After Golf

After golf, there will be food and the giving out of the trophies/prizes for the season.
This will be at Rick & Andrea's place, which is in Atlantis, so not far away.


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End-of-Season Tournament Sign-Up/Team List

You must to see sign-up and/or team information.


Rules of Golf

The Rules of Golf are maintained by the USGA, in conjunction with the R&A in St. Andrews, Scotland.

These rules can be found on the .

Of particular interest may be and .

See also, League Rules, below.

League Rules

League Rules.

While we, for the most part, follow the Rules of Golf, as may be found on the , we do also have some League Rules.
These League Rules are generally there for pace-of-play reasons.

If your ball, on the putting green, comes to rest "inside the leather", you may consider that putt to be a gimme, i.e. add one to the number of strokes taken so far and record that as your score for the hole.
Your ball is "inside the leather" when, if you lay the head of your (standard-length) putter in the hole and lay it down so that the shaft/grip is next to your ball, the entire ball is closer to the hole than the bottom of the grip.

If your ball is found to be out-of-bounds, when you have not played a "provisional ball", then you MUST drop a ball within two club-lengths of the point where your ball crossed the OB line, no closer to the hole, for a two-stroke penalty, and continue from there.
You do NOT have the option of going back and replaying your shot!

If your ball cannot be found immediately, you have up to THREE minutes to look for it.
If you are unable to find the ball within that time, you must drop a ball, for a one-stroke penalty approximately at the spot where the ball was expected to be found, and continue from there.
NOTE: if your ball is lost in the trees or undergrowth, you would have to drop in the trees or undergrowth. You are not getting relief, simply speeding up play!

Since we often find unraked footprints in the bunkers:
If your ball comes to rest in an unraked footprint in a bunker, you may lift your ball, rake the trap and replace your ball, before playing your shot.
NOTE: You should replace your ball such that its lie in the newly raked sand is similar to that which it had in the footprint.
i.e. if it was lying cleanly on top the sand in the footprint, it should do so on the raked sand too, while, if it was half submerged in the sand of the footprint, it should be half submerged in the raked sand too!

Generally, there is NO NUDGING of the ball - in the fairway or anywhere else allowed!
However, we will on occasion, if course conditions make it necessary, allow preferred lies.
At this time, starting May 12th, 2016, we are allowing preferred lies.

This means that, if your ball is in your fairway or on the fringe of the green, aka the apron, you may lift, clean and replace your ball.
The ball must be replaced within one club–length of its original position, no closer to the hole.

This relief does NOT extend to balls on the green.

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2019 Membership
Where: 2200 Highland Ave., Delray Beach, FL 33445
(561) 243-7380
Start Time: Every Thursday, at 5:15pm We will, as usual, have tee–times, as in the last few years, for the first few weeks.
First Possible Start Date: Thursday, March 14th, 2019 When we have a shotgun start: 5:15pm
While we have tee-times; approx. 4:30pm thru 5:30pm
Last Possible Season End Date: Thursday, October 31st, 2019 This is a hypothetical last play date; any play after the start of October will require an earlier start time.
Season Cost: $50 (not confirmed) Due by Thursday, March 14th, 2018
Golf Course: Two nines We will probably be on the front nine for the first few weeks, until the snowbirds are gone.
Weekly Cost: It is hoped, but by no means guaranteed, that prices will be the same as last year, which was $19. We expect there to be some food (wings if we're lucky) in the bar afterwards.
This will not happen until we have a shotgun start.


The League Sign-Up list is available if you login.

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Mid-Season Tournament

The tournament was played at Boca Raton Municipal Golf Course, on Saturday, August 3rd.

Results were sent out by email

Start-of-Season Tournament

The tournament was played at the Country Club of Coral Springs, on Saturday, May 20th.

Results were sent out by email

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