Making Payments to SBGL

SBGL accepts payment in cash, by check, or by electronic transfer.

SBGL does not accept credit cards.

All payments must get to the League Treasurer.

The other League Officers will generally take payments on his/her behalf.

However you make your payment, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that we know for what and for whom the payment is made.

Cash: The optimal way to make a cash payment would be to put it into an envelope, with a note saying for whom payment is made and for what (in case there is any question)
If you simply pass cash to an Officer on a League night, it is entirely possible that, by the following day, that Officer will have forgotten all about it!
Checks: Checks should be made out to SBGL, in the amount required, preferably annotated with an indication of what the payment is for - and, if paying for someone other than yourself, for whom the payment is made.
Electronic transfer: See for electronic payment information.


While the League will always refund money paid to those who have to withdraw from an event if it can, there will be occasions on which it is not possible.
Please be aware of the League's official Refund Policy.